Our Goals

Sinteag Ventures is 30 years in the making, crafted by years of ┬ánon belief in the status quo. One of our founders had a poster in his room in school, skiers headed seemingly towards a cliff, with the caption, “Find a way, or make a way”. We have made our way through corporate America, not blazing new trails to new heights, but getting to the bottom of the mountain safely, and more learned, seeing a path where others saw none. You run your business every day, you stare at the same minutiae, and many times become snow-blind in so doing. We like to come in and question that approach, with you, and your team. We’ve not made our way achieving the impossible, but we sure as hell have seen the possible where others have seen none. We do that in our lives, and we will do it in yours.


We want you to be happy – results happy, as well as with the process it took to achieve those results. We want you to be happy you were referred to us, and we want you to feel confident referring us to your peers. We want you content with the value placed on our services. We want nothing less than all of these issues fulfilled.

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