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Sinteag, in Scottish Gaelic, means ‘bounding forward’ or leaping  ahead. Founded by Skip Middleton in 2006, Sinteag Ventures has provided resources to companies that have exhibited incredible, quadruple digit growth over the past 10 years. We have worked with CEO’s of very large and aggressive companies, helping them achieve their corporate, and at times personal, goals, from marketing to human resources, from acquisitions to divestitures, all while maintaining our own sanity and peace of mind.

Our portfolio investments are cutting edge, even in the mundane water business. Our production companies have impressive track records, covering what’s hot, or cutting edge in the film industry. Our tech and security companies are unique, and technologically forward in their approaches to how the address their industry challenges. Our security firm utilizes bleed edge technology to bypass the status quo industry norms. Our South African BPO is disruptive in its approach to handling customer care operations and the stale language challenges of the past 20 years. All of our management teams bring some feauture to the table we’ve not seen in industry norms.

We have created a partnership of professionals and companies, each being experts with their own skill-sets, quite possibly the best at what they do in the U.S., and in some cases in the world. Our goals, and roles, are defined by your needs. We can talk employees and partners off the ledge, we believe good coaches make the best teams, and we like to keep the teams together in most cases. We help you be a better coach, a better CEO, and manager of people. We are masters at negotiation, and our greatest passions are based around “the deal”. We help you get there, or quickly tell you the fit is just wrong. We are awful at playing in the world of politically correct. Our founder believes pigs were never pretty in lipstick.

We're not scared to change your perspective

We’re not scared to change your perspective

Why us?

Sinteag offers unique services, when you’re frustrated with the processes in place or feel you may be getting screwed in negotiations. We’re not meant for most deals, most companies, most situations…but when you need the odd, right wrench for the job, and you can’t make it happen, we come in and handle things like no one else can. Fire/fix a senior partner? Can’t get the team behind a merger? Overpaying for a corporate jet? Lost the employees and drive of the company? Have a problem and you just can’t get to the solution? You’d be amazed the crazy scenarios we’ve worked on… We hate to let bad things happen – we hate to accept the status quo. We’ve learned from some of the best minds in corporate America to never let tradition rule, never quit trying to fix the unfix-able, and never accept mediocrity as just that which would happen. The great thing is our partners don’t want to waste their time, or yours. Reach out to us with your problem, and see if we can equalize it away.

Paradigm : 1776′ or 5’8″ at the age of 16?

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