Our Mission

Luach, Proiseas, Torthai – Irish Gaelic for Value, Process, Results – We know these are core tenets for every business and business owner, click on to see what we do…


Our Goals

We want you to be happy – results happy, as well as with the process it took to achieve those results. We want you to be happy you were referred to us, and we want you to feel confident referring us to your peers….


Why Sinteag Ventures?

Sinteag Ventures has a core tenet – Make Shit Happen. You utilize our unique skills because you don’t see how to get there from here. We show you that the never-ending wall in front of you is merely a door…you just need to back far enough away from the challenge to see it. We help you back up, we help you open the door. In some rare cases we tell you there is a wall and you are at an impasse.

First and foremost, we are a boutique investment firm. Our portfolio of companies, and investments, was created from targeted companies with solid management teams leading companies poised on the edge of greatness. Most investments to date are, or were Series A rounds of companies. While we like startups and seed rounds, this is not where we have the luxury of investing moneys and resources. We are quite proud of our investments, and have only one noted bad experience to date. We prefer to invest in companies where the management team is a known entity with a strong growth track record. We’ve even invested in two production companies. We have taken an active management role in all but one investment. Industries are not specific, we are about the management team and industry growth. Water, movies, tech, security, computer hardware, solar, there is no sector that isn’t interesting with the right approach.

If there’s an asset you need, we help you get that asset, from printing presses to private jets, from skateboards to sailboats. We have contacts from the Pacific Rim to the Park Avenue to get you the right manufacturer or distributor, or PE firms. Our partners and clients truly range from the banker to the consumer. And while we believe in prudence, and safety, we don’t wrap deals in unnecessary attorneys, or consultants, or bankers and brokers. Our contacts may be more expensive on occasion, but only where most people would have overlapping services, doubling on fees. On the occasion where an attorney is necessary, ours are the best in their field, and matched purely to the surgical procedure necessary.

Finally,  believe it or not, if there is something you are need to better someone’s life, or to benefit a charity, or if we feel it is just right to do, we may not charge for our services. But don’t ask us, let us determine that on our own. It’s not polite to ask, remember? We perform quickly when possible, and set realistic deadlines when not possible.


Communications Experts

For over 25 years, the principals at Sinteag have assisted companies getting over communications hurdles to achieve exactly what they want- when our clients believed they were in impossible situations. We have helped communicate...

Asset Purchase Negotiations

Sinteag’ s principals have purchased companies, commercial and real estate assets, loans, yachts, jets, helicopters, and vehicles of all sorts for clients since 1990. We have negotiated for specific components, carving out the fodder...

Charity Works

Our partners have been blessed by the kindness of strangers since the 1970’s. We’ve learned a lot, the biggest lessons related to giving back and taking time for others. We love to help give back and have been involved with...